Membership Certificates


Set of 22 standard stock certificates printed on high quality capitol bond paper. Certificates are imprinted with corporate name, stock designation, state of inc. and signatories. Certificates are available for Limited Liability Companies.

Stock / Membership Certificates

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(8 1/2 x 11 - Fits into standard 3-ring binders)



Ownership in an LLC can be expressed in two ways 1) by percentage or 2) by membership units.

Expressing ownership in percentage terms is simple and works well if there are only one or a few members. However, if additional members are added, then re-calculating the percentage becomes difficult.

Membership units are similar to shares of stock in a corporation and provide flexibility and room for growth. In this case, the percentage ownership of any member can be easily calculated by simply dividing the units owned by the total number of units outstanding.

Certificate Numbering

Certificate Signatures

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