Stock Certificates


Set of 22 standard stock certificates printed on high quality capitol bond paper. Certificates are imprinted with corporate name, stock designation, state of inc. and signatories. Certificates are available for Professional Corporations, Non-Profits and For Profit Corporations.

Stock / Membership Certificates

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(8 1/2 x 11 - Fits into standard 3-ring binders)

Certificate Class Definition

Certificate Numbering

Help This is the maximum number of shares your corporation can issue. Many corporations with one or just a few shareholders choose an easy round number, such as 1,000. You do not need to issue all of the shares immediately.

For-Profit Corporations, please provide the following share and par value information, as contained in your articles or certificate of incorporation: Help

Par value is the nominal or stated value of the shares. The par value of the stock for most public corporations is $.01 or $.001. Stock cannot be sold at less than its par value, but it can always be sold at more than par value.

By default, we have inserted a par value of $.01. However, please feel free to change it. Some states do not permit a par value under $.001.

Certificate Signatures

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